New 2019 Books

New "Heart of a Friend" and "This Heart of Mine" books are special not only for Valentine's Day, but any time you need to tell someone special how you feel about them.  In regular book/journal and Hidden Message designs.

Kristi Quinn once again delights with wonderful illustrations for my

"Cocktails and Appetizers..oh my!" book!


CardART is available!!  

Handmade Cards created with beautiful paper and fiber 

and features Karen Hollister's distinctive handwriting. 


This combination creates a dimunitive work of art

that is easy to send to someone special and is

a gift within a gift. 


CardART is one-of-a-kind and created by Karen D Hollister.


CardART can be customize and personalized.  To order,

please see contact page.

Hollister Books designs and creates each book by hand using beautiful handmade papers from around the world.

A handmade book will enhance your special day:   A gift registry.  A guest journal.  Or perhaps an ongoing memory keeper of your lives celebration - the wedding, reception, honeymoon and then a continuing journal of anniversaries and special times in your lives together.

A lovely, handmade book to be a treasured memoir of your lives together.





Handmade Books & Journals

Contact Karen D Hollister for book information and ordering:

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