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Wine Journal

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This beautiful book is a perfect gift for the wine lover to journal and track their favorite wines.

Specialty Journals

Wedding, Baby, Travel or Guest Book...a handmade book can make that special occasion live on with all those beautiful memories.  

Handmade & Unique 

Every handmade book is unique, treasured and personal- it will come alive to the owner!

Specialty books include the Hidden Message book which is filled with special sentiments for the reader, but then there's that message on the inside back cover...."but wait, there's a final passage for you to find...hidden within this book..." and then the search is on!

Shall I tell you? 

I think not, but here's a clue --- "there's always two ways to open a book..."

I make these enchanting books for a friend, mother, sister, daughter...well, anyone who is special to you.  

This is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Book Price: $35 - $50


Wedding Book



Travel Journal

Guest Book



Chinese Star



Baby Book



the Paper -- Lokta paper is the main paper used for covers and for the inside pages.  This Nepal paper is easy to write on, eco-friendly and archival.  



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