Specialty Books

I make many unique and unusal books along with the blank journals. 

There's the Hidden Message Books that keep a secret for the reader to find, the Star Book that unfolds into a fabulous book, the Inspirational Book with handwritten quotes, poems and scriptures and many other. 

 If you can imagine a book...I can create it for you!

Price Range: $40 - $90

Heart of a Friend Book

The Tall Book

Coming in at 11" tall, this book is truly a show stopper!  Beautiful flowing fibers enhance the overall appearance of this book filled with handmade papers.  Perfect for a guest book or simply to journal in.

Baby Books

My Baby Books have four chapters:  "Birth of a Baby", "Baby's Firsts", "Baby's Favorites", and "Baby Grows Up".  I cue the parents what to write while leaving pages for photos and journaling.  Because I LOVE nursey rhythms I include one on every page for mommy & daddy to read to their precious new baby!  

Artistic Cover Journals

Contributing Artist samples


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