The Hidden Message Book

The Hidden Message book is filled with special sentiments for the reader, but then there's that message on the inside back cover...."but wait, there's a final passage for you to find...hidden within this book..." and then the search is on!

Shall I tell you?  I think not, but here's a clue...."there's always two ways to open this book".  

I make these enchanting books for friends, mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers, brothers...well, anyone who you wish to delight and give a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Price Range:  $40 - $80




The photos that follow this next blue hidden message book, depict the hidden message book revealed!!  

If you would rather find the secret, hidden message on your own, I don't blame you!!

It's rather a fun little journey!  

Don't know where to find my little books...drop me an email and I'll let you know where they are here in Texas or you can order one for that special someone...even yourself!!

Lovely sentiments fill this book for a special sister Hidden Message "My Sister, My Friend"
inside front page Hidden Message "My Sister, My Friend"

SPOILER ALERT!  These next photos show where the hidden message is!  Only look if you are ready to know the Hidden Message location!

Hidden Message Revealed!!

Pull the pin
pull the pin
the hidden message revealed!

The Hidden Message ... to begin with, this HM is the taller version with a copper accent on the front.   Rather more masculine, but I truly love it's weathered, rustic appearance.  

To find the secret, hidden message "within the book", you simply turn the spine towards you and pull the fiber-topped wood pin upward.  It will easily slide through the ladder-type hidged spine...the spine will open up to reveal the final passage!!

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