Books of all kinds!

A wine journal...a travel journal...a wedding guest book...a one-of-a-kind inspirational book...hidden messages and star shaped books...

Hollister Books are amazing.  

Books to remember special memories.

Books to inspire a friend.

Books to guide you through a journey...

Where will a book take you to's up to you!!  

This beautiful book is one you'll want to leave setting out like a piece of artwork!  It's a tall book filled with handmade paper from Nepal and the sara silk fibers flow like a waterfall from the spine.  Price range: $75 - $90

Journals and books are a wonderful gift or personal keepsake.  Use it for a personal diary or daily journal, for trips and for recording special memories.  

I also make special journals that cue you what to write, like in my wine journals, cigar journals, beer journals and memory journals.

I use beautiful handmade papers, sari silk fibers and stamped/patina copper and other items to embellish. Each book is individually created. Price Range: $40 - $90

Phone: 972.795.7065