About Hollister Books

Karen D Hollister

I'm thrilled to be an artist that works with handmade papers, fibers and metals to create books, framed art and CardART.  


Each book is created by hand with attention to each book.  Featured books include wine, recipe and inspiration journals, guest, baby & wedding books, travel and memory journals.  There's also specialty books such as the Hidden Message book, Chinese Star and Holiday books.  


And if there's special writing needed inside the book, I do that as well.  I wouldn't call myself a calligrapher, but I do have a special penmanship that seems to suit the handmade paper and books very well.  

I also am so blessed to have several wonderful artists that I use in my books.  They are both highlighted below!


If there's something special you need and don't see it here on my website, I will go the extra mile to create it for you!  Let's talk!

Contributing Artists

My "Special" Associates

Kristi Quinn is not only one of my favorite illustrator for my books, she is my sister! How amazing is that!  Her illustrations are in my Halloween, Fairy and Christmas books.

Check out some of her illustrations under specialty books.

Photo:  Kristi Quinn & me.

Marian Slavens is a watercolor artist and specializes in floral, birds and bugs.  I love to include her beautiful minature paintings in my spiritual and inspirational books.  Marian is not only one of my favorite artists, she's one of my very best friends....and my mother!!  I come from a very talented family!

Photo:  Marian Slavens, Liz (my daughter and me)


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